Inkwell 12

Full Volume

Individual Articles

  1. Editor’s Note – Ariel Birks
  2. Search Results – Lindsay Walker (companion piece to “Meeting Modern Readers on a Common Plane”)
  3. Meeting Modern Readers on a Common Plane – Joshua Charles Craig
  4. Colony Collapse – Tommy Chisholm (companion piece to “How to Get Over Your Fears & Publish Your Creative Writing”)
  5. How to Get Over Your Fears & Publish Your Creative Writing – Alex Clark-McGlenn
  6. Mind in Flight – Ariel Birks (companion piece to “Getting Your Head Around Exposition in Sci-Fi & Fantasy”)
  7. Getting Your Head Around Exposition in Sci-Fi & Fantasy – Edmund Barker
  8. Password for the Speakeasy at the End of the Droughted World/House of Deception/Familial Idiolects – Ariel Birks, Morgana Faye, and Tommy Chisholm (companion pieces to “Why Reading is Confusing”)
  9. Why Reading is Confusing: Using Language to Create Ingroups & Outgroups – Dakota Rakestraw
  10. Words in Stone: Reptilian Excerpts, Translated – Beth Cook (companion piece to “On the Grammars of Being”)
  11. On the Grammars of Being: The Privilege & Practice of Illegibility – Rachel Dreyfuss
  12. Common Communicative Fire – Morgana Faye (companion piece to “The Writer’s Place in Civic Space”)
  13. The Writer’s Place in Civic Space: Literature as a Means to Social Justice – Konrad Kelly
  14. More Fundamental Than Ink – Joshua Charles Craig (companion piece to “I Wrote 14,332 Words & No One Paid Me”)
  15. I Wrote 14332 Words and No One Paid Me: Fanfiction as a Critical Practice You Do for Fun – Lindsay Walker
  16. Underneath – Greg Mohan (companion piece to “Stuck Words, Mute Hands”)
  17. Stuck Words, Mute Hands: On Losing My Voice & Finding it Again – Rachel Larrowe
  18. Surrogate Strike – Rachel Larrowe (companion piece to “Becoming a Writing Tutor as an ESL Student”)
  19. Becoming a Writing Tutor as an ESL Student: Why Take the Risk? – Deborah Bitanga
  20. The Torch Bearer – Dakota Rakestraw (companion piece to “Doing the Hard Thing”)
  21. Doing the Hard Thing: Writing Myself into the World – Greg Mohan