Inkwell 10

Full Volume

Individual Articles

  1. Editor’s Note – Beth Cook, Thane Fay, Ben Lawrence, Matt Turner, and Imani Washington
  2. Becoming the Dishes – Steve Bakker
  3. When Your Voice is Important – Imani Washington
  4. Another Pair of Eyes: Writing as a Reciprocal Practice – Tommy Chisholm
  5. Changing the Text: Annotation as Interaction – Natasha Russi
  6. Experiments in Writing the Lived Experience – Ariel Birks
  7. How I Learned to Write Like a Man – Brendan Inkley
  8. The Inner Interdisciplinarity: Complexity, Writing, and Chaos Navigation – Siloh Radovsky
  9. Hacking Your Transcript: How to Intentionally Shape Your Transcript to Serve You – Caryn Dudley
  10. To The Writer – Cai Logan
  11. Mistakes Were Made (by Zombies): A Study of the Passive Voice – Beth Cook
  12. Words and Wonder – Logan Stokes
  13. An Origin to Doing – Tom Carlson