Inkwell 05

Full Volume

Individual Articles

  1. Editor’s Note – Dimitri Antonelis-Lapp and Wendy R. McCutchen
  2. Conversation In Composition: Introducing the Writer You are to the Writer You Aren’t Quite Yet – Lily Greeniaus
  3. Why We Should All Write Badly – Amanda Jenkins
  4. How to Survive as a Writer Within the Linear Constructs of Academin Time: or What to do When the Deadlines are Out to Get You – Wendy R. McCutchen
  5. Narration Sickness – Nicky Tiso
  6. Freedom Choice and Power: Self-Evaluations as Empowerment Tools and a Handy Writing Guide – Andrew Olmsted
  7. Brain Stuff and Mouth Parts – Alex Clark-McGlenn
  8. “But I Write the Way I Talk”: Inclusion and Exclusion in American Academic Writing – Marissa Luck
  9. Eyes, Pens, and You: A D-I-Y Guide to Taking Your Paper to the Chop Shop – Dimitri Antonelis-Lapp
  10. In Case of Fire – Sandra Yannone