Inkwell 02

Full Volume


Individual Articles

  1. Shootin’ the Shit – Jais Brohinsky
  2. Time-Travel, Steam-Engines, Super-Powers: PrimeTime – Matthew Kreiling
  3. Writing from the Well – Chalen Kelly
  4. Women’s Work: The Fence Around the Fire – Anya Albers
  5. Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods: Language Diversity and the Writing Center & Dialect – Miss Rapuzzi
  6. Inking Voice: A Radical Act – Victoria Larkin
  7. Redefining Authority – Sandy Yannone
  8. Writing as a Process & The Writing Grid – Sandy Yannone
  9. Beingstorming – Grant Miller
  10. Drafting: How to Ride a Dinosaur and Look Good Doing It – Ian Ettinger 
  11. The Orbital Region: Re-envisioning Revision – Dory Nies
  12. Mt. Edit – Alejandra Abreu
  13. Becoming Reader – Meghan McNealy
  14. The Six Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate: How the Evergreen Writing Center Can Help You Meet Them – Eddy D. Brown
  15. A Tao of Annotation: Or, How to Make Friends With Your Annotated Bibliography – John Haltiwanger
  16. A(nother) Process of Growth: The Journey of Writing a Thesis Driven-Paper – Aislyn Matias
  17. Evaluations: A How-To Guide – America Fitzgerald