Writing can be both a labor and a joy. It is not a fixed ability, but a skill that can be learned and grown. Because writing is highly emphasized at [college], it is important that tools exist to bridge the gap between this academic expectation and the realities of student writing (“From the Editors” Inkwell Vol. 9).

Since 2006, The Evergreen State College’s Writing Center, located in Olympia, WA, has published Inkwell: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen. These volumes contain articles authored by our peer tutors that delve into the intersections between tutoring, writing, academia, and social justice. Each article examines the practice and process of writing through the lens of the author’s unique experiences, interests, and voice—always aiming to inspire thought, spark conversation, or aid budding or experienced writers in developing and maintaining a practice all their own.

While this publication was authored with a student audience in mind, we believe anyone with an interest in the writing process and social issues within academia will find Inkwell a compelling and informative read.

You can find more information on The Evergreen State College Writing Center here: http://www.evergreen.edu/writingcenter